What Are the Top 5 Best Non-alcoholic Beers?

Sometimes a non-alcoholic beer hits the spot, especially if it is during work hours. So which non-alcoholic beers are the best ones to reach for when you feel like having a beer without the alcohol?

  1. top 5 best non-alcoholic beersSt. Pauli NA – a good crisp taste, not sweet like the majority of non-alcoholic beers and a bit of the skunky taste that is good and hard to find in a non-alcoholic beer.
  2. Clausthaler – Crisp, clean and a little bitter. A tad sweeter that St. Pauli NA and therefore why it is #2.
  3. Kaliber – A product made by Guinness has to make the top 3; good flavor, smooth and has the familiar Guinness flavor.
  4. O’Douls Amber – being a Budweiser fan, this is a good tasting non-alcoholic beer with a few more calories than the others and worth it for the taste.
  5. O’Douls – still Budweiser and still good. A bit lighter, very drinkable and no sweet aftertaste like the others not on the top 5 list.

Others that were tried but failed, Beck Haake, Sharps, Buckler (Heineken), Pabst NA, Old Milwaukee NA and I think this list is long enough. Stick with the top 5 best non-alcoholic beers listed above and you will agree with me that they are the best.

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50 thoughts on “What Are the Top 5 Best Non-alcoholic Beers?”

  1. Wrong, #@*!’er.

    #1 Coors N/A
    #2 Busch N/A
    #3 Odoul’s Amber
    #4 and #5 do not exist. St. Pauli’s is the worst N/A beer on the planet. Extremely “sweet” aftertaste.

  2. I retract that expletive. That was unjust. However, from a drinker’s perspective, a SERIOUS drinker’s perspective, not some bourgois liberal micro-kettle-amber-bock-oktober-scottish douche ale drinker, these three beers are the only drinkable ones on the market. Period. Everything else tastes like sweetwater gay-man Le Tigre piss. I gave up alcohol for lent, and I am a beer drinker. If you drink the macros on the steady like I do, only those three beers will make you happy. Anything else will have you spilling all of your friends’ blood out of the sheer anger that that sweet piss aftertaste inspires in the well-testicled man. For those who drink micros as their staple beer–just drink your own piss. It’ll save you money.

  3. Best N/A Beers?
    Glad you asked .
    1) Paulaner – medium bodied warm hoppy / not bitter very welll rounded.
    2) Erdinger (Wheat Hefeweizen) N/A (w/orange slice )amazing this is N/A
    3) Warsteiner – Good clean fun love it.
    4) Buckler – always a great bet . Very balanced little top refreshing but also packs full taste. ratchet it up with a slice of lemon
    5) Kaliber- a fantastic dark beer alternative (Made by the Guinness people)
    Domestic N/A:
    1) Coors I don’t know why it always seems to be better than O’Douls to me and even though it’s a watery beer, it tastes closer to the original 😉
    2) O’Douls Amber- not bad
    3)Haven’t tried the Busch.
    4) Wish the Milwaukee’s Best came in bottles I could try them but the cans are okay.

    You can get into N/A wines later. But since I’m passing through:
    Ariel Vinyards – Cabernet – Almost fooled a friend with it
    Ariel -white Zinfandel- nice in summer.
    St Regis – Chardonnay or Cab
    Ariel N/A champagne is awesome.

  4. Coors is the only Non Alkie beer I’ve ever liked. Very similar to the original. You can decide if that’s a good thing or not. I’ve never liked O’Doul’s but recently tried the Amber and liked it much better than the original. St. Pauli N.A. is not my favorite even though I am drinking one right now.

  5. I recently started drinking na beer and here is what I think in order of trying them.
    O’Doul’s premium-Pretty good
    Busch-Not too bad prefer bottles
    Kaliber-Terrible bad after taste
    Labbat’s blue-Awesome very hard to find but the best so far
    O’Doul’s Amber-Just alright
    Becks-Pretty good but not great
    Buckler-Very good almost as good as Labatt’s
    Warfteiner-Not good funny after taste

    1. Great list John M. and love your comments. I have not tried Labatt’s Blue NA but I love their Light beer and again, tough to find. It is surprising that their are not better tasting non-alcoholic beers. They are their too sweet or do not have a bite that makes you feel like you are drinking a regular beer. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I had heart hours after I drunk Odoul’s non alcoholic beer; this heart attack lasted all night long and it felt server. I know that most people don’t get heart attacks from beer, however, I did and the lessor pains lasted for three days. I did not go to the hospital because I trused that THE LORD was going to bring me through it; and HE did. I was looking for a non alcohoic beer to help wean my alcoholic bother (drinking for 25 years or more) off the alcoholic beer as it is “no dunks wil inherit HEAVEN.” After, my heart attack I had to research on all non alcoholc beers. What I found out is “they all use SYTHEICALLY MADE A CHEMICAL.”
    called “ETHYLENE.” At one point in the past thy used ETHANOL which is from corn and other foods, but now ALL non alcoholic and alcoholic beer, wine and licqure are made with ETHYLENE. What is ETHYENE? ETHYLENE GLYO IS USE A ATIFREEZE AND COOLANT. ETHYLENE AND ETHANOL ARE NOT THE SAME. I thought I should share this information. Also, seek the LORD; THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND; REPENT OF yours and be BAPTZED in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST everyone of you for the REMISSIONS of your sins; he that beliveth and is BAPTIZED shall be SAVED and he that beliveth NOT shall be DAMAND. Don’t forget ALL ALCOHOIC DRINKS are now CHEMICALLY SYNTHETICALLY MADE; which can led CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE AND RENAL FAIURE. EXPOSURE TO EXTREME COLD LEADS TO CORONARY ARTERY SPASM. ETHYLENE GETS EXTREMELY COLD WHEN PUT IN THE FREEZER; I PUT SOME Gerstel IN THE FREEZER FOR LESS 5 MINUTS AND ALL THE BOTTLE BURSTED; THIS WAS DONE BEFORE I DID MY RESEARCH ON THE BEERS; this massive and fatel evil could be part of “the new world order.” I AM


    I AM

  8. RedSunn in Germany

    I like the comments but all of the beers you named so far are not alcohol FREE! So they truly cannot be called “Alcohol Free” or “Non Alcohol” N/A beers. For some people, like myself, who take certain medicines which prohibit ANY alcohol…the Zero Alcohol beers are the way I have to go.
    Kronebourg is one
    Paulaner “Alkohol Frei” is another. Both have a wonderful taste
    Any other entires?


    1. Thanks for the clarification on this! I have not tried either of the two mentioned; Kronebourg and Paulaner “Alkohol Frei”. Good to know and will give them a try. I love having lunch with a non-alcoholic beer…doesn’t make me tired like a regular beer.

  9. Well..if you like the real beer taste.. Milwaukee’s Best name..or Old Milwaukee ..has the best taste as beer goes..do the blindfold test..with the rest of the na..and it will taste like the real thing.

  10. There is a na beer from Schmohz microbrewery in Grand Rapids MI “120” is the name of it . It is thick dark cloudy amber with a lot of hops .(so much hops you get a nice mellow buzz from it)! If you had one of these you would never want to drink the other 5 again they pale in comparison. If you are a fan of good craft beer you will love this stuff. The two stores in Kalamazoo MI that carry it say it flies off the shelves.

  11. Guys, guys, guys, guys. Paul Cicero here again. Seriously, just drink the Coors N/A and call it good. There are only three drinkable beers. Period. I’ve tried the European shit, and it is just that. Shit. The Coors and Bush N/A destroy all, and the O’doul’s Amber comes in a nice third. Again, THERE IS NO 4, 5, 6 or any acceptable beer above these three. If you’re gonna stop off on your way home from work to buy N/A beer and take time out of your day to drink it, you will be as mad as a dry college pussy when you get home with anything but these three and probably destroy all the drywall in your house and fuck your neighbor (who is an overweight postman) in the ass because you are so mad. If you have to drink N/A, do it correctly. Clausthauer (sp? do I care?) is for assholes.

    Here’s to the off-season. Drink up, Fuckers.

  12. I think whatever regular beer you like influences your choice of NA. for example
    a lot of people who like a stout beer like the amber NA or German NAs, or Adouls.

    I always liked the really light beers like Coors Light. I have tried a lot of the NAs.
    My favorite is The Coors NA as it tastes much like the original. Next distant choice is St. Pauli NA and Busch. I have not tried Milwaukees best but I never liked the regular version. then we get into the stronger flavors with the German choices, Odouls etc
    which are just too “full bodied” and stout for my taste. Only problem is that the bars tend to serve St Paulis or Odouls, never Coors NA. So I drive 20 miles to total wine.

  13. I think Paul is THE WORD here….Just started looking and thought
    some of the imports would prevail. Sorry but I’m not spending $10
    bucks on a 6 for NA. The only one I tried so far has been Kaliber. I think
    they reopened the Rheingold plant….what undrinkable swill. FYI

  14. O’Douls tastes like it came directly from the horse….Clausthaler, St. Pauli, and Becks are my choices….During working, when you don’t wan’t to return to work with a buzz, one of those three suffices….Cheers

  15. I enjoy non-alcohol beer. I’m going to start a collection. I always drink it in a beer mug out of the freezer. Becks N/A is the best everyday non-alcohol beer, some exceptional ones are Claushaler, Gerstel, Kaliber. Had a great one in Atlanta named Einbacher–sensational. I need to find it here in Oregon. I find O’Douls is too watery, so is Buckler. Coors, -haven’t found a good American brewed yet.

  16. I have tried most of the NA beers listed. One that I enjoy but do not see is Penn’s Best NA by Pittsburgh Brewing. A case (24) of cans is Ten Dollars. I would put it in the light beer class. As a previous hard core beer drinker, I am totally satisfied with the taste of this NA beer.
    If I want something special, I get Paulaner, St. Pauli Girl, or Beck’s.
    If I’m at the grocery store and want somwthing else than Penn’s, I’ll get Old Milwaukee or Busch. Again, very satisfying.
    BTW, Penn’s can be found at Total Wine Stores here in Texas.

  17. I have several favorites that I don’t think have been mentioned – Krombacher makes a great Wheat, Pilsner, and Radler; Sagres has a Lager and Dark as does Super Bock. Clausthaler and Schmohz are high on my list too. If you like macro brew style then Texas Select is worth a try. Check out PremiumNearBeer.com

  18. Question…………..I take seizure meds, and I so dearly want to try non-alcoholic beer for my 50th birthday. Can anyone advise if non-alcoholic beer mixes well, or reacts well, to seizure meds? THANKS

  19. Pat cross, as a medical professional I would advise you that any non alcoholic beer will not affect you while taking seizure meds but I would limit your intake to no more than 12 cans or bottles, 12 oz. Cans not 16 oz. You could also do a small line of coke also but no more. Happy 50th

  20. I haven’t tried many. Coors, Bush and O’Douls taste like water. Another (not named above) tastes like horse urine smells. My favorite alcoholic beers are Lagers like Tecate, so my favorite non-alcoholic is Old Milwaukee. Unlike my wife and spawn, I don’t like ale’s either. Pilsners also taste like water although I used to like Coors and Bush. Maybe it’s because I’ve aged like a good wine.

  21. The top 3 are Busch NA #1, Coors NA in the bottle #2, and Pabst NA can be 3rd. Personally it’s only one of the top two for me.
    I had some buddies check with 3 NA Brewers, and they all stated that there’s not a speck of alcohol in any of them. The reason for stating that there’s “Less than .5 Alcohol by Volume”, is so that they can sell it in the beer section. It would not sell in the soda section. Hence, “less than .5 alcohol…….” None!!

    BTW: O’Douls is the worst thing ever put in a can, or bottle. YEEUK!!!

  22. i prefer Clausthaler and Buckler, both are great choices. Becks, and St. Pauli are decent as well. Odouls Amber is meh, Odouls Premium is last resort. I’m not a Guiness guy so no comment on the ultra darks

  23. I currently enjoy Oduels green label . The others listed have a heavy or sweet after taste. The best non- alcohol beer was Exel from Molson however it was discontinued a few years ago. They suggested I try Coors Cutter I don’t like regular Coors much less non-alcohol beer. So I returned to Oduels the only pilsner beer with no after taste.

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