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Study Says Drinking Beer Makes Men Smarter

The question has to be asked, “What about women…do women get smarter drinking beer too?”

Article by Corky Siemaszko (New York Daily News)

This is exactly what you want to hear being Friday if you plan on having some adult beverages this weekend. A study from the University of Illinois in Chicago has found that men that have drunk a few beers were better at solving brainteasers than sober counterparts. The researchers invented their own bar game to perform the study.

The game gave each of the 40 men three words and then told them to come up with a fourth word that fits the pattern. One example of the question that might’ve been asked in the game is being offered words such as blue, cottage, Swiss, and then coming up with cheese. In the study, half the players drank 2 pints of beer, and the other half got none.

The study found that those who had drunk the beer solved 40% more of the problems than their sober opponents. The men who drank beer finished the problems quicker than sober players as well with the typical drinker needing 12 seconds and the non-drinker needing 15.5 seconds. The results of the study are interesting because most people think beer slows thinking. Read the full article via NYDailyNews.

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Top 5 Beer Tips for Finding the Right 6 Pack

Weekend Beer Tips for Finding the Right 6 PackWeekends, football and beer go together like beer and, well just about anything (within reason and within the law of course). So, to start your weekend out right, think about this, what is the most memorable and tasty 6 pack you ever had? I know you are not saying you have not consumed all 6 beers from a sixer at once and if not, use your imagination to get the visual. Here lies the answer to what you should pick up for the weekend. My recommendations for finding the right 6 pack of beer are:

  1. Try something new but within the beer family you like (e.g. ale, wheat, pilsner, stout, kolsh, etc.)
  2. Try local – local beers are always a good conversation starter if the 6 pack is going to be shared and if it is not so good, you are supporting the local economy (this time). In Arizona, you cannot go wrong with 4 Peaks Brewing Company.
  3. Don’t go cheap unless you are in a Trader Joe’s – If the beer store is known for stocking good quality beers (like TJs) then you typically can’t go wrong. For example Oranjeboom beer is available in a six pack tall boys for under $5 at Trader Joe’s. Tastes like Heineken, is in 16 ounce cans and I think might be better (especially the price).
  4. Avoid novetly beers – The Cave Creek Chili Beer was bad before the chili was added (how do you think it got there in the first place).
  5. Go seasonal – Summer beers, Winter Ales, Octoberfests and other seasonal brews are only available in the season so it is worth trying or you will be waiting until next year if it is truely a seasonal beer.

Last point…enyoy and drink responsibly…unless you have a driver.