MMMM Beer….Ahhhggggg

MMMM Beer. The infamous words of Homer J. Simpson. Homer, like it or not, he resembles the stereotypical beer drinker profile vs. the atypical profile. With that being said, there is a wealth of knowledge that us beer drinkers have, including Homer, that needs to be shared with those that are not in the know. So, the first point to be noted about beer is, life is too short to drink cheap beer, unless…here is where the exceptions come out:

  1. You just got done hiking the Grand Canyon and the only beer in the cooler is Meisterbrau (which is ice cold even after 3 days in the hot car).
  2. The beer is partially frozen so that the water content remains in the can as the higher alcohol liquid is poured into a frosty mug.
  3. You just got done playing in a beer league tournament (I will say hockey) and a teammate brought ice cold Natural Light Ice into the locker room to celebrate your victory.
  4. It is the only option you have at the bar you are stranded at.
  5. Do we really need excuses or exceptions (we can justify any moment as long as we know it is temporary).

More to be said…so please join in! mmmm beer!