Summer Beers Hit the Spot

best summer beersWith it being mid-summer and the temperature are still above1oo degrees in Phoenix, light body summer beers quench the thirst best. Since I posted my top 10 summer beers and Sierra Nevada Summerfest Bottom Fermented Beer and cold tank aging (AVB 5%) is still top of the list. I must say the surprise goes to Fat Tire Skinny Dip with a distinctive taste and a surprise ingredient goji berries (110 calories per 12oz serving, 7 grams carbs ABV 4.2%) that makes this summer beer stand out. Although it did not make my initial top 10 list because I am not a big wheat beer fan and their entire beer lineup has a wheat beer theme, I think Skinny Dip belongs in the top 10 summer beers list.

Summer beers