Best Beer to Bring When Making New Friends, Red Stripe

Red Stripe BeerLet’s say you have been invited over to a neighbor’s house or going to a party and meeting people for the first time. You know they are beer drinkers but you are not sure the type of beer they like. Two words, Red Stripe (ice cold beer). Red Stripe is a great beer for these types of occasions because it is a lager and relatively light and it is Jamaican. Jamaican beer or as they like to say Hooray Beer Mon!

Making new friends over a 6 pack or twelver of ice cold Red Stripe beer is always a good time and somehow gets you thinking about the crystal blue Caribbean ocean, hanging out on the beach and enjoying the finer things in life with an ice cold Red Stripe beer in your hand. Yes, you can put this down as a beer fact, Red Stripe is always a great gift to show up with when going to neighbors, friends or family. Make sure you have a sixer in your fridge. It takes the thinking out of the equation so you never show up empty handed (that is if you can keep your paws off it in the meantime).