What Are the Top 5 Best Non-alcoholic Beers?

Sometimes a non-alcoholic beer hits the spot, especially if it is during work hours. So which non-alcoholic beers are the best ones to reach for when you feel like having a beer without the alcohol?

  1. top 5 best non-alcoholic beersSt. Pauli┬áNA – a good crisp taste, not sweet like the majority of non-alcoholic beers and a bit of the skunky taste that is good and hard to find in a non-alcoholic beer.
  2. Clausthaler – Crisp, clean and a little bitter. A tad sweeter that St. Pauli NA and therefore why it is #2.
  3. Kaliber – A product made by Guinness has to make the top 3; good flavor, smooth and has the familiar Guinness flavor.
  4. O’Douls Amber – being a Budweiser fan, this is a good tasting non-alcoholic beer with a few more calories than the others and worth it for the taste.
  5. O’Douls – still Budweiser and still good. A bit lighter, very drinkable and no sweet aftertaste like the others not on the top 5 list.

Others that were tried but failed, Beck Haake, Sharps, Buckler (Heineken), Pabst NA, Old Milwaukee NA and I think this list is long enough. Stick with the top 5 best non-alcoholic beers listed above and you will agree with me that they are the best.