Is Beer The New Date Rape Drug?

watch the beer demo at the end……it has sound!!

Beer'eur Dangers Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties & local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink by any woman.

Many females use a date-rape-drug on the market called ‘ Beer’ .

The drug is found in liquid form and is available anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, or from taps and in large kegs. 

Beer is used by female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and sleep with them.

A woman needs only to get a guy to consume a few units of Beer and then simply ask him home for no-strings-attached sex.

Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several Beers , men will often succumb to the desires to sleep with horrific looking women to whom they would never normally be attracted.

After drinking Beer , men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a vague feeling that ‘something bad’ occurred.

At other times these unfortunate men are swindled out of their life’s savings, in a familiar scam known as ‘a relationship’. In extreme cases, the female may even be shrewd enough to entrap the unsuspecting male into a longer-term form of servitude and punishment referred to as ‘marriage’.

Men are much more susceptible to this scam after Beer is administered and sex is offered by the predatory females. 

Please forward this warning to every male you know.

If you fall victim to this ‘ Beer’ scam and the women administering it, there are male support groups where you can discuss the details of your shocking encounter with similarly victimized men.

For the support group nearest you, just look up Golf Coursesin the phone book.

For a video to see how Beer works click below: 

click here – Beer Demo

It’s Cinco de Mayo so what are the best Mexican Beers?

Now that your liver has just about recovered from St. Patrick’s Day, we have Cinco de Mayo around the corner. Another great reason to gather in bars and drink beer. Just in case you need to recoup your beer prowess because you ordered a Smithwick’s on St. Paddy’s Day and pronounced the ‘W’ vs. the proper annunciation that looks like Smidicks, here is your chance to get back your street cred on beer. To look like an expert on Mexican Beers on Cinco de Mayo, it is only fitting to sample the best from Mexico in advance. After all, perfect practice makes perfect. Therefore, my recommendations for the best Mexican beers are:

best mexican beers beereurCarta Blanca (Can you find the vintage bottles with the bottle opener built into the bottom of the bottle?)

Modelo (Negro and Especial)



tecate in a canTecate (in a can…see below)

Dos Equis (Stay thirsty my friends!)

Note Corona is not listed but if you want a decent light Mexican beer, Corona Light is not bad. As for the fruit additive (limes), the only combo that must be tries as described below:

beereur mexican beer caddyGet a Tecate in a can…cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice in the beer and on top so that their is a layer of lime juice on the top of the can…then take salt and shake it on the top of the can in the lime juice. This action can be repeated until the beer is empty. This way of drinking Tecate was introduced to me in Mexico playing golf in Juarez Mexico on Compestre Golf Course. This is one of the better course in Juarez and caddies are required. Before you get your caddie selection, the caddies place wagers on who is the best golfer in the foursome by reviewing the golf clubs, golf bag and player. I was not tuned in on where I stood in the pecking order but I do know that the $2 Tecates were being pushed on be and I was not turning them away. How the caddies served them up for us was cracking open the Tecate, using half a lime and a lime press to squeeze the lime juice into the can and then giving salt packs to add on top as needed. This being my first experience with drinking Tecate like this, I found that I prefer Tecate in a can now and do recreate the Jaurez drinking experience with each can. But as for adding the lime in other Mexican beers, I typically decline unless it is a Corona since this is my least favorite of the Mexican beers…and the whole rumor of why Coronas are filled at varying levels because the brew-makers are pissing in the beer helps to reinforce the lime addition to a Corona.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Move Over Budweiser – Pabst Blue Ribbon is the New Low Cost, Drinking Man’s Beer

pabst blue ribbon drinking mans beer-I have to admit to being a Budweiser drinker since earlier than I was legal to drink and have been loyal to the brand up until now. However, most recently, I have found a new loyalty to the “every day, drinking man’s beer”. Unfortunately for me, light beer is not an option…not a fan. So what makes me switch from a staple beer like Budweiser to a new brand? Read on…

Budweiser is still an option and, of course, if you are offering, I will accept. However, when it is my dollar on the line, Pabst Blue Ribbon has become my favorite of the low cost, quantity based beers of choice. Here are my top three reasons why, not in any particular order:

pabst blue ribbon drinking mans beer

  1. Pabst tastes better than Budweiser
  2. Pabst gets the bitch placement when it comes to SKUs and shelf space in retail. It is placed with the lower cost beers (Busch, Milwaukee’s Best “The Beast”, Meister Brau, Ice House, etc). The cheap version of Pabst is Red, White and Blue (not than you could ever find it) but why the lower class status right out of the gate?
  3. If you buy bottles, you can collect the bottle tops and have a deck of cards to add a whole new dimension to playing cards.

What is even more interesting is the stigma that comes along with Pabst. Offer someone a Pabst Blue Ribbon and they think you are slummin’ and trying to drag them down with you. Budweiser does not get the same bad rap. Force a Pabst on them and you get a 50/50 chance that they will even drink it. Come on. This goes back to the fact that sometimes perception is reality.

So what is the solution? Let’s get a blind taste test going with Budweiser, Miller and Pabst and may the best low cost, drinking man’s beer win!

Best Bar Hopping Towns in America

best bar hopping townsMen’s Journal just did a piece on the top 5 beer towns. Talk about an obvious list: New York, Chicago and Portland. They also include San Diego and Philadelphia to complete their top 5 list. Where is any town in Wisconsin, especially Milwaukee and if you are going to just name the obvious or the big cities, how about San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and Denver?

It gets even worse…the #1 beer city is San Diego but they do not mention arguable one of the best beers made, Stone Brewing Company (Escondido, CA). It makes you wonder what these beer drinking virgins based their results on. They claim it is quality vs. quantity but how to you not mention Stone in relation to San Diego.

Let’s have some fun and name the best towns to bar hop (pub crawls) and tie one on. I am biased growing up in the Chicago area but her it is:

  1. Chicago – There are too many great neighborhoods in the Chicago area; Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Wicker Park, Rush and Division and Bucktown, to name a few and depending on the type of crowd you are with.
  2. Madison – This town knows how to party and State Street it the ultimate pub crawl experience.
  3. Denver – LoDo area is a killer bar hopping area.
  4. Seattle – I have always enjoyed hitting Kell’s to start things off right.
  5. San Diego (Gas Lamp District) – Recommended approach…appetizer and beer hopping all night long.
  6. Portland (it would be in the top 5 but I have not been there…just lived the experience through friends (pretty lame I know)

I have lost my creativity to say more. It could be from a lack of beer or a hangover cure.

Beer Christmas Tree Anyone

Beer Christmas Tree_WebWho said beer is only for consumption?

A creative beer drinker has brought a new meaning to recycling beer bottles, and a good one at that. I am not sure the exact location of this emerald gem of a Christmas tree but it must be the pride of the neighborhood. I would like to see it lit up, like the one that consumed all these beers to create this beer Christmas tree masterpiece. If this picture does not get you in the Christmas spirit, make one for yourself and see if you get filled with holiday cheer followed by a holiday hangover (see hangover cures).

Beer with Highest Alcohol Content

highest content alcohol beersBanned in 13 States. This has to get your attention now. The cap on beer alcohol content was thought to be 14%. No More. Samuel Adams has its Utopia brew at 27% alcohol.

Paul Gatza, director of the national Brewers Association based in Boulder, Colo., said new yeast research allowed brewers to experiment with the emerging science that pushed the traditional cap of 14 percent alcohol by volume for beer.

“At 27% alcohol or about 6 times the strength of a regular beer, this should knock you on your ass.” –

Just 8,000 of the limited edition 24 oz tipple, sold in a copper kettle, have been brewed by the Boston Beer Company.

A new batch of Samuel Adams Utopias is on the way for the holiday season: “The small batch release comes from just 53 barrels all brewed, blended and aged at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston. The exclusive, limited distribution brew will be available at select specialty beer and liquor stores starting in November for a suggested retail price of $150.00 per bottle.”

The 2009 Samuel Adams Utopias is a strong, rich, dark beer that, unlike most beers, is uncarbonated and is served room temperature in a snifter glass. The recommended pour is two-ounces meant to be savored like vintage port or a fine cognac. Samuel Adams Utopias is brewed in small batches, blended, and aged in the Barrel Room at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery. Since its first release in 2002, Utopias has held the coveted title of ‘world’s strongest beer’ in the Guinness Book of World Records with 25 percent alcohol by volume. Maintaining the record set by the 2007 batch for commercially brewed beers, the 2009 batch of Samuel Adams Utopias weighs in at 27 percent alcohol by volume. The average beer is about 5%. Source Beer Advocate

Returning a Keg Half Full…Are You Wasting Beer?

Half full kegs solution - Beer'
A little bit Ghetto...definitely Thrifty!

Absolutely..but what are your options? The basis of wasting beer is not strange but the solution may sound odd and it comes from firsthand experience. We had two kegs from at our Halloween part and one of which was half fall (we gave it the college try but had to tap out). I was looking for ways to utilize this beer. So quick thinking, I had an empty gallon water jug and decided to fill it up and let it sit in the refrigerator to test out of theory…would it still be good later. I did not stopping there. I had some empty water bottles, 16 and 24 ounce plastic bottles that I filled to test out just the same. Low and behold, I think I filled up 10 or so of these bottles and one Milk Jug. I put them in the fridge immediately after and now here it is the 12th of November.

Is the beer still good? I’m happy to say that I have been sampling this over the course of the last 2 weeks and to my surprise, it is still well carbonated and still tastes just as it did out of the keg, to my recollection. Why is this?

Beer is notorious for having a lot of carbonation. This is why when you drink beer out of a keg (a lot of it), you typically get hangovers. So does this bottling trick really work? Yes, it does.

What is the secret? I didn’t pump up the keg up too much. Actually, I kept the bottle and jug relatively low as I filled it and filled it to the top (to minimize air on the bottle).

So there you have it…the next time you have a keg of beer you were not able to finish, save it for later, it’s still good. Darn it!

This is a Beer’eur tip! Enjoy.

The Best Holiday Beer is…

Beer'eur Recommended
Beer'eur Recommended

Let’s cut to the chase, Stella Artois may be the best all around beer that fits every occasion, especially the holiday beer category. Stella is a great beer that has enough body to go with just about every type of meal and works in the winter and summer and for any type of event. Let’s run down a list of events on the upcoming holiday calendar and see how Stella holds up as a the best beer and best overall drink of choice for the specified event. The rating system below is based on a scale of 1-10 with 10 = the best possible choice to replace the traditional alcoholic beverage served at the following:

OCCASION               Traditional Alcoholic Beverage                    Stella Factor

Halloween Party:            spicy porter/stout, maybe Pumpkin Porter       6 points

Thanksgiving feast:        white or red wine, beer, mixed drinks               8 points

Invited to a friends:       Red Stripe, Guinness and any $7+ 6 pack         9 points

Christmas dinner:          egg nog & brandy, all beers especially

winter beers, all wines and all hard booze        9 points

After work drink:          Anything in the fridge of liquor cabinet                  8 points

Happy Hour:                Cheap beer and rail drink specials                           10 points

First Date:                    If going to their house and you are a gal                 10 points

You are a guy and she’s not a beer fan:              7 points

You are a guy and she’s a big beer fan:             10 points

This post, it must be noted, is a result of an overwhelmingly positive reception from some beer drinking experts regarding Stella as the best holiday beer and any major event. Stella Artois is a can’t go wrong beer to host with or present to the host/hostess of a party or event (even when the host and hostess are not beer fans). The simple reason for this is, you always have the best beer option for yours truly and in some cases there will be more for you. The only area where Stella scored 6 points (still a good score) is for Halloween where a Pumpkin Porter (e.g. 4 Peaks Brewing Company) is a superior choice but it may bot be as universally accepted as Stella. In this case, bring the beer to drink for yourself! If the holidays event calendar has you frazzled and you are not sure what to bring to your upcoming event(s), you can go with a specialty beer and bottle of wine but Stella 6 pack is always a good choice…or check out the Beer’eur Top 5 Beer List.

Comments on this post (from a former online version):

chugdThis was the first beer that I entered into when I built the Phoenix-based Web 2.0 beer rating site. Check it out:

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