Top 5 Best Hangover Cures…Hair of The Dog Anyone?

top 5 best hangover curesOk, I have to admit that having a beer, the first thing in the morning, has been tried and it works. Hair of the dog, jumping back on that train, fighting fire with fire, etc. We have all been in hangover hell and do we want to be back there? No…if it can be avoided without the extreme choice of not drinking at all, let’s avoid it. Therefore, what are the best hangover cures?

  1. Water is the source of life and your first line of defense to prevent a hangover. If I wanted to prevent a hangover, try rotating every drink with a glass of water. But this is a literal buzz kill. Pounding water before you go to bed is good too…water in the am helps but you are a bit late and will need other options at this stage.
  2. Home-Remedy-to-Cure-a-Hangover hangover_heavenNux Vomica or Dr. B’s Hangover Haven. The active ingredient in Dr. B’s Hangover cure is nux vomica that is better known as poison oak. You can get Dr. Bs online and nux vomica in a health food store but I would go with Dr. B’s  and order it online. This is a liquid you take 10 drops of every 30 minutes until you are back to normal and it is fast acting. You can also take this before you start drinking in one or two doses or before you go to bed (or pass out). This can make for a happy morning when you wake up.
  3. Another great hangover cure is Excedrin. It has caffeine, aspirin, calcium carbonate and other active ingredients that help kick that hangover to the curb. Redbull, aspirin and Tums will work too but I do like Excederin (but do not take it before bed unless you are immune to caffeine).
  4. Sublingual B12 in mega doses right before you go to bed is another easy and relatively effective hangover cure. You can spend a lot of money buying designer sublingual B12 or you can get a great low cost best hangover curessublingual B12 vitamin at Trader Joes for more than half the cost of any other product on the market. Does it work, sublingual B12? Well, when my Dad was in the Navy, they gave every shipman B12 when they departed the ship and when they returned (drunk). The Navy knew back then the power of vitamin B12 and now so do you.
  5. Lastly and by far the most extreme is the IV. If you have a firefighter friend, paramedic or doctor that can hook you up, this will main line relief to you the fastest. After all, a hangover is a result of dehydration and nothing nourishes the body faster than an IV of insulin fed directly into the bloodstream and maybe add vitamin B12. Not always a readily available option but now you know and it can be a lifesaver. I do not speak from experience (yet) but I am a witness to the cause and effect and I am in if/when this option arises.