Top 5 Beer List

Top 5 Beer List – Best Beer Related Videos

#5 – Banned Triborg Beer Commercial – One More Beer Please!

#4 – Banned Super Bowl 2007 Bud Light Commercial Guy and Girl Skinny Dipping

#3 – Rodney Carrington – Titties and Beer

#2 – Heineken – Girls, Eat Your Heart Out!

#1 – Miller Lite Commercial Uncensored Cat Fight

…and Honorable Mention
The 12 Beer Diet

What Are the Top 5 Best Non-alcoholic Beers?

Sometimes a non-alcoholic beer hits the spot, especially if it is during work hours. So which non-alcoholic beers are the best ones to reach for when you feel like having a beer without the alcohol?

  1. top 5 best non-alcoholic beersSt. Pauli┬áNA – a good crisp taste, not sweet like the majority of non-alcoholic beers and a bit of the skunky taste that is good and hard to find in a non-alcoholic beer.
  2. Clausthaler – Crisp, clean and a little bitter. A tad sweeter that St. Pauli NA and therefore why it is #2.
  3. Kaliber – A product made by Guinness has to make the top 3; good flavor, smooth and has the familiar Guinness flavor.
  4. O’Douls Amber – being a Budweiser fan, this is a good tasting non-alcoholic beer with a few more calories than the others and worth it for the taste.
  5. O’Douls – still Budweiser and still good. A bit lighter, very drinkable and no sweet aftertaste like the others not on the top 5 list.

Others that were tried but failed, Beck Haake, Sharps, Buckler (Heineken), Pabst NA, Old Milwaukee NA and I think this list is long enough. Stick with the top 5 best non-alcoholic beers listed above and you will agree with me that they are the best.

Top 5 Beer Tips for Finding the Right 6 Pack

Weekend Beer Tips for Finding the Right 6 PackWeekends, football and beer go together like beer and, well just about anything (within reason and within the law of course). So, to start your weekend out right, think about this, what is the most memorable and tasty 6 pack you ever had? I know you are not saying you have not consumed all 6 beers from a sixer at once and if not, use your imagination to get the visual. Here lies the answer to what you should pick up for the weekend. My recommendations for finding the right 6 pack of beer are:

  1. Try something new but within the beer family you like (e.g. ale, wheat, pilsner, stout, kolsh, etc.)
  2. Try local – local beers are always a good conversation starter if the 6 pack is going to be shared and if it is not so good, you are supporting the local economy (this time). In Arizona, you cannot go wrong with 4 Peaks Brewing Company.
  3. Don’t go cheap unless you are in a Trader Joe’s – If the beer store is known for stocking good quality beers (like TJs) then you typically can’t go wrong. For example Oranjeboom beer is available in a six pack tall boys for under $5 at Trader Joe’s. Tastes like Heineken, is in 16 ounce cans and I think might be better (especially the price).
  4. Avoid novetly beers – The Cave Creek Chili Beer was bad before the chili was added (how do you think it got there in the first place).
  5. Go seasonal – Summer beers, Winter Ales, Octoberfests and other seasonal brews are only available in the season so it is worth trying or you will be waiting until next year if it is truely a seasonal beer.

Last point…enyoy and drink responsibly…unless you have a driver.

MMMM Beer….Ahhhggggg

MMMM Beer. The infamous words of Homer J. Simpson. Homer, like it or not, he resembles the stereotypical beer drinker profile vs. the atypical profile. With that being said, there is a wealth of knowledge that us beer drinkers have, including Homer, that needs to be shared with those that are not in the know. So, the first point to be noted about beer is, life is too short to drink cheap beer, unless…here is where the exceptions come out:

  1. You just got done hiking the Grand Canyon and the only beer in the cooler is Meisterbrau (which is ice cold even after 3 days in the hot car).
  2. The beer is partially frozen so that the water content remains in the can as the higher alcohol liquid is poured into a frosty mug.
  3. You just got done playing in a beer league tournament (I will say hockey) and a teammate brought ice cold Natural Light Ice into the locker room to celebrate your victory.
  4. It is the only option you have at the bar you are stranded at.
  5. Do we really need excuses or exceptions (we can justify any moment as long as we know it is temporary).

More to be said…so please join in! mmmm beer!