Top 10 Beer List

Top 10 Fall Beers for Hosting a Beer Tasting Party

Now that the fall is here, the lighter body beers get some seasonal competition from the darker and often stronger winter and fall beers. Oktoberfest is here and there are many good options with fall and winter beers just hitting the market (like limited edition Oktoberfest beers).  These beers are a bit heavy but a great way to taste them all and not over do it is to have a fall beer tasting party. The first thing you will need to do is have a great list of fall beers to serve at you beer tasting party.Fall Beer Party List

  1. Sierra Nevade “Oktoberfest”
  2. Spaten “Oktoberfest – Ur-Marzen”
  3. Dogfish Head “Pumkin’ Ale”
  4. Dogfish Head “India Brown Ale”
  5. Full Sail Brewing Co. “Amber”
  6. New Belgium 1554 (best with fresh ground pepper on the head…yes, try it!)
  7. Great Divide Brewing Company “Hibernation Ale
  8. Rogue Dead Guy Ale
  9. Murphy’s Irish Stout
  10. Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

Host a Fall Beer Tasting Party

A great beer tasting is a fun way to spice up any gathering. Here’s what you need to know to host one like a pro.

  1. Arrange the fall beers to be tasted from mild to wild and taste in this order.
  2. Provide sheets to rank each beer.
  3. Pour roughly two to three ounces of beer into each glass.
  4. First swirl the beer in your glass to release the aroma. Then stick your nose in the glass and smell, just like wine tasting and then taste.
  5. Evaluate the beer on color, clarity, aroma, flavor, mouth feel and aftertaste.
  6. Cleanse the palate between each tasting with sliced baguette, pretzels or plain crackers and water.

OK, if you want to go a little less highbrow, have a Sunday football party and go a little more upscale than the usual by serving these fall beers with your favorite football Sunday appetizers …and go nuts!

Best Beer in a Can Top 10 List

best beer in a CAN GuinnessDrinking beer in a can may not be the most desired way to consume an ice cold beer but when the options call for this, what are you best alternatives. Before we get into the best options, the patented Guinness widget, the devise that releases CO2, patent no. 4,832,968, the U.S. patent for the Guinness in a can stout, is better than everything else except a draft in Ireland of a draft anywhere else (if poured correctly). The Irish have perfected the art of beer in a can and simulate the draft beer result better than anything else on the market. Well, there are others besides the Irish or they are just licensing the technology from Guinness (e.g. Boddington’s in a can).

With this out of the way, enjoying a beer in a can means that there are types of beer that are best in a can versus the bottle. Top 10 list of great beers in a can:

  1. Guinness and any Irish or English beer with the Guinness widget…like Boddingtons. With this being said, all other beers are a far cry from this but I need to make my list.
  2. Tecate, when done the traditional way with lime juice squeezed on top of the can and salt poured on top of the can is darn good. I am not a fruit in beer fan but this is a must try. If you need instructions…here you go.
  3. Schlitz in a can is not bad. There was a bar in North Scottsdale that served Schlitz in a can for $2. They are out of business and I am sure it was not because they sold too many of these puppies.  Side note: if you are in Chicago looking for a great Chicago thin-crust pizza joint with great beer on tap, including Schlitz on draft with vintage steins, Check out Bricks.
  4. The Heineken mini keg can is always good and now we are talking larger size too. The bottle choice is still darn good too but I like the design of the Heineken keg.
  5. Pabst Blue Ribbon is becoming a cult favorite and the can option is considered better than the bottle. Also in high demand is Pabst memorabilia. I will find a link and provide it in a future post.
  6. See prior post for Oranjeboom beer. This is a quality beer in the 16 ounce version.
  7. Budweiser I like better in a can better than the bottle. Maybe because it has less carbonation drinking from the can than the bottle.
  8. LaBatts Blue and Light which is good in a bottle but I think the can maybe better.
  9. Molson Canadian – always a good choice, especially if you are in Canada and can get the candian stregth version.
  10. Heineken Light in the Red Bull style can.

Miller did not make the top 10 but gets a mention for those that despise Bud and I am not in that camp so Miller, feel privileged you are mentioned in this blog post.

So what are the worst options for drinking beer in a can other any warm beer in a can?

What are the Best Light Beers – Top 10 List

Guinness Vs.Tivo

What are the best light beers is an excellent question and a timely one being summertime and that our tendency to drink light beers goes up with the summer heat. There are typically two camps when you look at the top selling and most popular light beers, Bud Light and Miller Light. Light beer drinkers typically choose (with passion) one over the other. I am in the Bud Light camp but will drink a miller light if that is my only option. best light beers

  1. Guinness (yes Guinness, look at the calories and you will agree)
  2. Heineken Light
  3. Becks Light
  4. Labatts Blue Light
  5. Bud Light
  6. Samuel Adams Light
  7. Corona Light
  8. Amstel Light
  9. Leinenkugel’s Amber Light
  10. Abita Light

Don’t try to test them all in one night. Light beers begin to taste the same after a few anyways. Light beer tends to be the backup beer after enjoying one or two quality beers like a Sierra Nevada of Newcastle Brown Ale. Some light beers are so light you might as well go with a non-alcoholic beer like Michelob Ultra and Coors Light. Light beers are also goo to use in cooking like beer can chicken. Excellent marinades have light beer to help with tenderizing. Also, light beer is good in a margarita, especially if your margarita mix is not that great (cuts the sweetness). What are some other good uses for light beer?

Best Summer Beers

Best Summer Beers Top 10 List…did I mention Cold Beers?

sierra nevada summerfestCold beer and summer goes together like cold beer and just about anything. Looking for some good summer beers? An on point question for this time of year. It is safe to say that we can steer clear of stout beers although a Guinness is always good when poured right (and still ok when not). However, when you think of summer beers, what comes to mind is pilsner, larger, kölsch, lambic, wheat and light beers. Oh and did I mention it must be cold beer? Summer beer is seasonal and many brewing companies have a limited time brew. Here are some noteworthy summer beers and beers best in the warm months to try:

  1. Sierra Nevada Summerfest
  2. Samuel Adams Summer Ale
  3. Blue Moon Blue Moon White (Lighter style Wheat Beer)
  4. Widmer Hefeweizen
  5. Anchor Summer (Anchor Steam Summer Beer)
  6. Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat
  7. Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Barrel Select Pils
  8. Lindeman’s Framboise Rasberry, Lambic Beer
  9. Belgian “Saison” Farmhouse Ale
  10. Stella Artois Pilsner Beer (how weak that Beer Advocate gives Stella a C+…come on!)

There you have it…a top ten list for summer beers, recommended to be enjoyed ice cold and responsibly or irresponsible in the comfort of your own home. Cold beer and summer go well together!