Move Over Budweiser – Pabst Blue Ribbon is the New Low Cost, Drinking Man’s Beer

pabst blue ribbon drinking mans beer-I have to admit to being a Budweiser drinker since earlier than I was legal to drink and have been loyal to the brand up until now. However, most recently, I have found a new loyalty to the “every day, drinking man’s beer”. Unfortunately for me, light beer is not an option…not a fan. So what makes me switch from a staple beer like Budweiser to a new brand? Read on…

Budweiser is still an option and, of course, if you are offering, I will accept. However, when it is my dollar on the line, Pabst Blue Ribbon has become my favorite of the low cost, quantity based beers of choice. Here are my top three reasons why, not in any particular order:

pabst blue ribbon drinking mans beer

  1. Pabst tastes better than Budweiser
  2. Pabst gets the bitch placement when it comes to SKUs and shelf space in retail. It is placed with the lower cost beers (Busch, Milwaukee’s Best “The Beast”, Meister Brau, Ice House, etc). The cheap version of Pabst is Red, White and Blue (not than you could ever find it) but why the lower class status right out of the gate?
  3. If you buy bottles, you can collect the bottle tops and have a deck of cards to add a whole new dimension to playing cards.

What is even more interesting is the stigma that comes along with Pabst. Offer someone a Pabst Blue Ribbon and they think you are slummin’ and trying to drag them down with you. Budweiser does not get the same bad rap. Force a Pabst on them and you get a 50/50 chance that they will even drink it. Come on. This goes back to the fact that sometimes perception is reality.

So what is the solution? Let’s get a blind taste test going with Budweiser, Miller and Pabst and may the best low cost, drinking man’s beer win!