Best Bar Hopping Towns in America

best bar hopping townsMen’s Journal just did a piece on the top 5 beer towns. Talk about an obvious list: New York, Chicago and Portland. They also include San Diego and Philadelphia to complete their top 5 list. Where is any town in Wisconsin, especially Milwaukee and if you are going to just name the obvious or the big cities, how about San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and Denver?

It gets even worse…the #1 beer city is San Diego but they do not mention arguable one of the best beers made, Stone Brewing Company (Escondido, CA). It makes you wonder what these beer drinking virgins based their results on. They claim it is quality vs. quantity but how to you not mention Stone in relation to San Diego.

Let’s have some fun and name the best towns to bar hop (pub crawls) and tie one on. I am biased growing up in the Chicago area but her it is:

  1. Chicago – There are too many great neighborhoods in the Chicago area; Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Wicker Park, Rush and Division and Bucktown, to name a few and depending on the type of crowd you are with.
  2. Madison – This town knows how to party and State Street it the ultimate pub crawl experience.
  3. Denver – LoDo area is a killer bar hopping area.
  4. Seattle – I have always enjoyed hitting Kell’s to start things off right.
  5. San Diego (Gas Lamp District) – Recommended approach…appetizer and beer hopping all night long.
  6. Portland (it would be in the top 5 but I have not been there…just lived the experience through friends (pretty lame I know)

I have lost my creativity to say more. It could be from a lack of beer or a hangover cure.