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Beer'eur Recommended
Beer'eur Recommended

Let’s cut to the chase, Stella Artois may be the best all around beer that fits every occasion, especially the holiday beer category. Stella is a great beer that has enough body to go with just about every type of meal and works in the winter and summer and for any type of event. Let’s run down a list of events on the upcoming holiday calendar and see how Stella holds up as a the best beer and best overall drink of choice for the specified event. The rating system below is based on a scale of 1-10 with 10 = the best possible choice to replace the traditional alcoholic beverage served at the following:

OCCASION               Traditional Alcoholic Beverage                    Stella Factor

Halloween Party:            spicy porter/stout, maybe Pumpkin Porter       6 points

Thanksgiving feast:        white or red wine, beer, mixed drinks               8 points

Invited to a friends:       Red Stripe, Guinness and any $7+ 6 pack         9 points

Christmas dinner:          egg nog & brandy, all beers especially

winter beers, all wines and all hard booze        9 points

After work drink:          Anything in the fridge of liquor cabinet                  8 points

Happy Hour:                Cheap beer and rail drink specials                           10 points

First Date:                    If going to their house and you are a gal                 10 points

You are a guy and she’s not a beer fan:              7 points

You are a guy and she’s a big beer fan:             10 points

This post, it must be noted, is a result of an overwhelmingly positive reception from some beer drinking experts regarding Stella as the best holiday beer and any major event. Stella Artois is a can’t go wrong beer to host with or present to the host/hostess of a party or event (even when the host and hostess are not beer fans). The simple reason for this is, you always have the best beer option for yours truly and in some cases there will be more for you. The only area where Stella scored 6 points (still a good score) is for Halloween where a Pumpkin Porter (e.g. 4 Peaks Brewing Company) is a superior choice but it may bot be as universally accepted as Stella. In this case, bring the beer to drink for yourself! If the holidays event calendar has you frazzled and you are not sure what to bring to your upcoming event(s), you can go with a specialty beer and bottle of wine but Stella 6 pack is always a good choice…or check out the Beer’eur Top 5 Beer List.

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