How Do You Cook Beer Can Chicken is Answered

beer_can_chickenThe post on the best non-alcoholic beers was not too popular with the beer drinkers. Therefore, if you did go out and buy non-alcoholic beer and find it less than palatable, there is a great use for it if you bought it in a can, beer can chicken. Making beer can chicken is as easy as it looks; buy 1 or more whole chickens, clean and prepare properly, crack open a can of beer, place ass end through the top of the beer can and push down so a little of the chicken is showing, fire up the bar-b-que and cook the chicken as you normally would. The beer can chicken process will add moisture and flavor to the chicken but I do recommend basting the chicken a few times and adding spices for an extra kick. You and your guests will have something to talk about “beer can chicken” and look forward to as you watch in awe of such a simple concept while of course drinking a beer.

Beer can chickenFor those of you gadgets fanatics that need a move conventional way of making beer can chicken, you can find in catalogs and online, contraptions like the one above that make the process more civilized but not better in taste. Those that have tested this beer can chicken version find the tail end of the chicken does not cook uniformly or as fast as the conventional way. This causes the top of the chicken to get over cooked to get the bottom half cooked properly. I would stick with the original concept or put good use to those non-alcoholic beer cans you have.

beer can chickenThis version above for making beer can chicken combines the tradition of using the beer can and a modern invention to make it easy for the chicken to stay upright and not fall over during the cooking on the bar-b-que. Simply add the beer can in the middle and add the chicken (ass end) over the beer can and cook for 30 to 40 minutes and enjoy.

drunken chickenThe above item’s claim to fame is to be the original beer can chicken invention or also known as drunken chicken. The beauty of this one is you can make beer can chicken 4 at a time and seems to have no drawbacks with the design. This appears to be the necessary bar-b-que gadget for the master griller feeding a large group. Not to mention can be the talk of the town to those unfamiliar with beer can chicken. If you have experiences with any of these three versions for making beer can chicken, your comments are welcome!

For Beer Can Chicken, What Beer is Best?

I have polled beer can chicken grillmasters to get their opinion on what type of beer is best for making beer can chicken. The results are in and they vary from, whatever is in the fridge, whatever I don’t want to drink to you need to use a quality beer. I personally see a dark beer being used if you like a richer tasting chicken and a light beer to just add the moisture without adding much in the way of flavor. A correction and caution needs to go out to anyone considering a Guinness can for making beer can chicken. The issue is the plastic charger in the can. It will melt in the grilling process and the result will be bad. Whatever your beer flavor, enjoy grilling this summer with a tasty beer can chicken.

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