Budweiser is test marketing a new beer, Budweiser & Clamato con sal y limon, Chelada. This may be a response to Miller Light Chill, Chelada Style. Budweiser also has a version with Bud Light. Is this a breakfast beer in disguise? The nutritional facts per 12 ounces are 186 calories, 20.3 carbohydrates and 5% alcohol. As for the taste, if you like tomato beer or in this case, clamato beer, than you will not be disappointed. In fact, the upside of Anheuser Busch making it is if you mixed beer with clamato on your own, you would get a result that is 2.5% alcohol where in this case you get a full strength, 5% alcohol beer. It is interesting to note that the beer can is in Spanish and English and moreso in Spanish, hence the tagline, La Combinacion Perfecto and the description tag, con sal y limon. Some other marketing on the can is natural flavor and certified color (exciting).

Overall, I can see grabbing one of these as a morning hang over cure or better known as a breakfast beer. With the extra calories and tomato base, this may be the ultimate hair of the dog after a long night of alcohol consumption. If you go way back to the original Bloody Mary, you will find it was comprised of beer and tomato juice. Some refer to this as a bloody beer but I think Budweiser quickly passed on this name for the all so original Budweiser & Clamato. I do not see this as a big seller and more so limited in its distribution to the high Hispanic population areas of the country since the can is more in Spanish than English.

Budweiser & Clamato, bloody beer, original Bloody Mary, breakfast beer, tomato beer, clamato beer, hair of the dog, hangover cure or is Budweiser going for refreshing summer treat? You decide.