Your Beer Personality with Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona and Blue Moon

What does your beer say about your personality? Market research company Mindset Media did an analysis of the kinds of personalities drawn to different beers.

Do you drink Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona or Blue Moon beer?

Budweiser Drinkers Are:

  • sensible
  • grounded
  • practical
  • dislike authority
  • 42% more likely to drive a truck than the average American

Bud Light Drinkers:

  • have frat boy-like or frat girl-like personalities
  • are risk-takers
  • are 48% more likely to but a lottery ticket on a daily basis

Corona Drinkers Are:

  • busy
  • energetic
  • extremely extroverted

Blue Moon Drinkers Are:

  • socially liberal
  • 105% more likely to drive a hybrid than the average American


Content credit: Workman Publishing Company