It’s Cinco de Mayo so what are the best Mexican Beers?

Now that your liver has just about recovered from St. Patrick’s Day, we have Cinco de Mayo around the corner. Another great reason to gather in bars and drink beer. Just in case you need to recoup your beer prowess because you ordered a Smithwick’s on St. Paddy’s Day and pronounced the ‘W’ vs. the proper annunciation that looks like Smidicks, here is your chance to get back your street cred on beer. To look like an expert on Mexican Beers on Cinco de Mayo, it is only fitting to sample the best from Mexico in advance. After all, perfect practice makes perfect. Therefore, my recommendations for the best Mexican beers are:

best mexican beers beereurCarta Blanca (Can you find the vintage bottles with the bottle opener built into the bottom of the bottle?)

Modelo (Negro and Especial)



tecate in a canTecate (in a can…see below)

Dos Equis (Stay thirsty my friends!)

Note Corona is not listed but if you want a decent light Mexican beer, Corona Light is not bad. As for the fruit additive (limes), the only combo that must be tries as described below:

beereur mexican beer caddyGet a Tecate in a can…cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice in the beer and on top so that their is a layer of lime juice on the top of the can…then take salt and shake it on the top of the can in the lime juice. This action can be repeated until the beer is empty. This way of drinking Tecate was introduced to me in Mexico playing golf in Juarez Mexico on Compestre Golf Course. This is one of the better course in Juarez and caddies are required. Before you get your caddie selection, the caddies place wagers on who is the best golfer in the foursome by reviewing the golf clubs, golf bag and player. I was not tuned in on where I stood in the pecking order but I do know that the $2 Tecates were being pushed on be and I was not turning them away. How the caddies served them up for us was cracking open the Tecate, using half a lime and a lime press to squeeze the lime juice into the can and then giving salt packs to add on top as needed. This being my first experience with drinking Tecate like this, I found that I prefer Tecate in a can now and do recreate the Jaurez drinking experience with each can. But as for adding the lime in other Mexican beers, I typically decline unless it is a Corona since this is my least favorite of the Mexican beers…and the whole rumor of why Coronas are filled at varying levels because the brew-makers are pissing in the beer helps to reinforce the lime addition to a Corona.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!