Returning a Keg Half Full…Are You Wasting Beer?

Half full kegs solution - Beer'
A little bit Ghetto...definitely Thrifty!

Absolutely..but what are your options? The basis of wasting beer is not strange but the solution may sound odd and it comes from firsthand experience. We had two kegs from at our Halloween part and one of which was half fall (we gave it the college try but had to tap out). I was looking for ways to utilize this beer. So quick thinking, I had an empty gallon water jug and decided to fill it up and let it sit in the refrigerator to test out of theory…would it still be good later. I did not stopping there. I had some empty water bottles, 16 and 24 ounce plastic bottles that I filled to test out just the same. Low and behold, I think I filled up 10 or so of these bottles and one Milk Jug. I put them in the fridge immediately after and now here it is the 12th of November.

Is the beer still good? I’m happy to say that I have been sampling this over the course of the last 2 weeks and to my surprise, it is still well carbonated and still tastes just as it did out of the keg, to my recollection. Why is this?

Beer is notorious for having a lot of carbonation. This is why when you drink beer out of a keg (a lot of it), you typically get hangovers. So does this bottling trick really work? Yes, it does.

What is the secret? I didn’t pump up the keg up too much. Actually, I kept the bottle and jug relatively low as I filled it and filled it to the top (to minimize air on the bottle).

So there you have it…the next time you have a keg of beer you were not able to finish, save it for later, it’s still good. Darn it!

This is a Beer’eur tip! Enjoy.