One More Wanna Be Light Mexican Beer…Miller Chill, Miller Light

Miller Brewing Company is test marketing a Light Mexican beer called Miller Chill, Chelada-style light beer. It has the essence of lime and salt in their Miller Light beer. It is a spin on marketing their beer with the Mexican flair and their timing for the launch is good with the summer around the corner. It is not bad if you are looking for the lime and salt taste and with 110 calories, 4.2% alcohol and 6.5 carbs, it hits the mark for the calorie and carb conscience…but not for the true beer lover.

miller chill light beerOverall, I would add it to the list to not be ever considered for a consumable beer…especially a light Mexican beer. It lacks the skunky taste that Mexican beers can have but for drinkability, I only tried one and could barely finish so trying two seems unreasonable.

Miller Chill is Not the New Zima

Time has elapsed and Miller Chill has been tested for drink ability vs. other weak concoctions rying to disguise themselves as beer. The verdict is, it may very well be the next Zima or the fruity malt liquor type beer. Miller Chill, being that it is a light beer with lime and salt flavoring, Chelada-style light beer, is a beer you can put along side a fad beer that will be a collectors item for those collecting beer bottle memorabilia here today and gone tomorrow. If you brought this beer over to some friends, hopefully you are thought of as a jokester and you may be able to pull it off once…but why bother. Better choice…Amstel Light…a proven universal crowd please in the light beer department.